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Darna (or Pauliina, if you must). 26. Finnish. INFJ/INTP.

Raised by wolves and born on Halloween.

Occasional librarian. Once and future bookstore clerk. Part-time museum guide. Lifelong student. Currently working for the Red Cross.

Ardent lover of:
art, books, classic rock, comics, dancing, filmscores, history, Ireland, languages, larp, movies, music in general, mythology, nature, paranormal phenomena, period dramas, philosophy, poetry, psychology, tea, traveling, video games.

More about me.


Currently airing shows:
Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Elementary, Game of Thrones, Sleepy Hollow, The Vampire Diaries, Vikings.

Shows no longer airing:
Alias, Angel, Band of Brothers, Being Human (original British version, s1-3), The Borgias, BtVS, Farscape, Legend of the Seeker, Life on Mars (again, the original), Sanctuary, Veronica Mars, The X-Files.

My truths of life
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-4/? of Mythology-inspired Songs:

Song: Irfan - Simurgh

Mythology connection: In Persian mythology and folklore, the Simurgh (also known as Angha) was an enormous, benevolent flying creature. She was said to be peacock-like in body, with the head of a dog (or sometimes human). She was an enemy of snakes and preferred to live near water. Legends say she was very old, so old that she had seen the world destructed and born again three times. She had healing and purifying powers and would serve as a messenger between earth and the sky. In Sufi mysticism she is also sometimes a metaphor for God.

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